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Coming Aug. 1st

Book 2 in the Witch’s Cove Series will be coming out Aug. 1st, 2023.


Abigail Thatcher has always been able to speak to ghosts. She is Witch’s Cove’s resident “Spirit Talker”. She helps spirits move on and provides them with company and comfort when needed. Her gifts were always fun and no one has ever questioned her abilities.

Derek Hope has come to Witch’s Cove from the mainland to find his birth mother and have questions answered. He is a skeptic of anything paranormal but as soon as he steps foot onto the Witch’s Island he feels like something is there but doesn’t know what.

One night he stumbles upon Abigail dancing in the graveyard and questions the whole community’s sanity. That is until he encounters something horrifying.
Suddenly finding his mother has become even more important.

Can Abigail help Derek locate his mother on Witch’s Island? Or will he be the communities destroyer?

Witch’s Cove Series Page

I created a page for the Witch’s Cove series.

Witch’s Cove is a Wattpad exclusive story. I currently have 2 chapters up for it. I will try to upload the chapters every 2 weeks or so. I am only currently on pre-writing chapter 8.

Please come by and take a look. Give me some hearts and love.

Wattpad Updates

So I now have a page with photos and links to my wattpad stories. The page is under Books you just click on the image and it will take you to the story. I currently have two books linked.

Both stories are furry related. I am currently working on the stories. I had kind of fortgotten about having a wattpad account.

Secrets and Tea will be out in 6 more days I will have the link set up on the 30th of March.