Blood Laws Review

5- Star

Wow… just wow.

This book was absolutely amazing.

Stas was a wonderful main female lead. She was strong despite the childhood trauma that she can’t remember much of except her parents dying in a fire.

Isaac is an interesting male. He is a vampire or Ichorian, which is the term used. I think he was a great adversary for Stas and considering he is playing the line between two factions he has an interesting backstory.

I really love the fact that Lexi has put the glossary in the front of this book rather than the back. It prepares you for the terms and their meanings throughout the book ahead of time rather than letting you be lost and confused before you find out what they all mean.

I definitely want to buy book 2.

Dating Dracula Review

5 – Star

I absolutely adored this book. The main female lead was fantastic. She wasn’t a cower under duress, or stereotypical let the man look after me. She was funny, reckless, and had a great sense of herself.

Dracula himself was a bit hush-hush. A few words here and there but he wasn’t the whole I will not let you do something and let me handle it.

The bok had plenty of vampire puns and made fun of werewolves. I laughed over a few of them. Cliche but they were classics and well placed for a good tummy laugh.

Definitely recommend reading this one.