Poisonous update

Alright Beginning of February and I believe I am done with Poisonous. The next few months will be going over it and editing what I can.

Also I have posted a start of Ebrilyn’s timeline to my FB page. It will be updated as I go along.

The time line will include the mini stories being added to my newsletter. Which I am thinking I may make into a book later or just part of the Ebrilyn Assassin Handbook.

New Newsletter

I am going to be redoing my newletter as a .pdf file. This allows me to personalize and add as much as i need to or as little. I also won’t have to worry about forgetting login info and passwords or two step verification.

The first distribution of the newsletter will be next year in Janurary.

Just go to my homepage to sign up

Back at it…

Starting to get back into writing. I will still set Dead Mans Valley aside for the time being and work on the first in my Poison Master Trilogy which is connected to my Ebrilyn Assassin Series.

I will set the name on upcoming releases with a TBA on release dates…

I might do an FB live on Thursday at 6 Pm CST Canada time. Just a random pop up for updates etc…

End of Aesthetic Wednesday

I am choosing to let go of Aesthetic Wednesday… As it is very time-consuming to find and put together the photos for it. I may start it back up when I feel I have enough things to do or if I do make more aesthetics for future books but normally it isn’t my go-to when planning books.

I am still trying to think of content to put on my blog, so suggestions are welcome from people who read my blog or even just people who are interested in getting to know me. The rest of the content will continue.

Today’s Musings!/Updates

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. I love it because it’s cold. You can always bundle up to keep warm, but I hate it because travel is limited because of icy roads and winter storms.

My favorite season mostly right now is Fall or even Spring. Where the weather is cool but liveable and you can do things without freezing or perspiring for hours.

What season do you like best? You can comment on the post if you would like to share!

Today I was going to go for a massage but due to snow & freezing rain, I am unable to make the 15 minute trip to my massage therapist’s place. I do not believe in risking my life for job or a pleasurable massage. I like living thank you.

Do you hate that jobs still require you to make a trip that can be deadly to you or others? I do. I believe it is not right. I do believe in sometimes trying but your safety is most important than a job. If they don’t understand that then it’s too bad for them.

I also would like to make a few statements regarding future books. Due to expenses outside of writing after Shining Desires release I will be putting a hold on any new books until I can afford to do so with the money I make through Amazon. I will focus on marketing and trying to get more readers.

This decision is quite hard but my other finances must come first. I will continue to write and try to set money aside for books but right now. My books may come out years apart. Regrettably. So please be patient. In the meantime, I will continue to blog. Giving updates on books and writing. On my current situation. Etc…

Thank you for reading and I hope we can keep our friendship strong.

Audio Books Coming in 2022

I have two books that will be coming out in audiobook in the year 2022.

Love On A Contract & Phoenix’s Assassin. Anyone who loves audiobook format can purchase them when they come out.

The earliest for Love on A Contract is Jan. 15, 2022. Phoneix’s Assassin will be announced later in the week. I am looking forward to working with the producers. 😀

If you know anyone who might be interested in the audiobook format of these two books please share the news with ANYONE at all. Also if sign up for my newsletter on the website. I have changed emails please be sure to sign up and get your emails with everything that’s new.

Writing Updates

Okay so my last book for this year is now on it’s editing journey…. The Celestial Guardian will be up and running by Oct.

Paperback for Love on A Contract will be up on July 31st the same day as release for the e-book. (Amazon really needs to make paperbacks pre-orderable, just saying.)

My 4th book in the Blade Family Quadrilogy is still being finicky… so I have no clue if it will be done by next year…

Still trying to decide on the next books to write.. I do have 3 & 4 for my Ebrilyn Assassin Series ready…

I’m not sure when the Shadow Cat Agency will be written… sigh… really have to get on that series.


Anyways keep checking back for updates on the website for new books & events… hopefully this covid thing goes away.

Oh I also will be going for my vaccination next week. WOOOT!!!