Book Review

I have long wanted to read and review this book.

Very fast-paced. I did have a few not-so-welcoming “huh?” moments when reading the book. I don’t know if it was just the way I was reading it but there are a few parts that could have used tweaking.

Otherwise, this book was a great read. Cyn is sassy and snarky which I love but not afraid to show her true self.

So far Laz and Nox’s first meeting was really amusing. I love the fact they both screwed up at first but work their way into her good graces again. Seeing so many supernaturals in one book is interesting and the Names of the buildings are really awe-inspiring.

I do love the drink names. Very clever and sounds delicious. Looking forward to a recipe book.

Book Review

This book I gave 3 stars only because it was short. This whole series could have been written in one book. It was so interesting to me that I feel that the author could have just combined the three books into one and made another book to link with this series.

I have read one or two rejected mates series but never read the whole thing. I do hopefully want to get the rest when my finances are better.

So despite the rating it is a great read and I enjoyed it.