Book Review – Shattered Bonds

Rating: 3 out of 5.

3 Star Rating

Okay so this book is mostly a recap of Gabriel’s side of the story. How he has become who and what he is.

I recommend reading the beginning of the series or if Ashlee has it. The actual story he tells played out.

I really liked the book considering I have no idea what this series was about. I considered it a standalone/ series. One where you can just jump in anywhere. So that was my mistake mostly.

I do like Gabe’s story. I really want to read the (pre-quel) to this book. In a way I would love to read the full story of events from start to finish that Gabe basically is recaping in this book.

All it really is, is a biker by the name of Gabe is retelling his story about how he came to be in the gang and etc. So it really wasn’t much in the way of heart stopping action or adrenaline induced tales.

I think that it was awesome to hear the story from the character’s side of things because sometimes you really like to know the stories behind the characters or how they came to be who and what they are. To hear their sordid tale.

This does that on a more personal than a third person POV. It gets you into how the character feels about what they did or how they really felt inside when all the bad stuff was happening.

This would be more of a spoiler, or behind the scenes book that would be given to fans of the series.

So I give it 3 stars because it was a great story. Just not a full heart stopping read. Highly recommend you read the actual series (prequel) before this one.

Great job Ashlee M. Edmonds. Keep writing.

Asian Drama Sunday

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Bromance

This is a Taiwanese drama.

Sweet/action Filled

Pi Ya Nuo is a woman who s forced to live as a boy until she turns 25, due to a quacky fortune teller’s prediction.

One day while helping her friend sell food at his food stall. Di Zi Feng arrives and is ambushed by some roughians. She immediately goes to help him.

Di Si Feng is a triad leader and upon hearing about his brush with some hooligans his mother goes to thank the young boy who helped to save her son’s life, along with Di Zi Feng’s sister.

Di Zi Feng’s sister falls in love with Pi Ya Nuo and encourages her brother to hire him so they could develope feelings.

Only a secret keeps Pi Ya Nuo from going further.

This is a sweet and adorable romance with small action scenes.