Dead And Breakfast Review

This novel was excellent. A great cozy mystery.

Selena feels lost after being disowned by her parents and failing at nursing school. When a mysterious, and half-baked woman appears at the coffee shop she is working at with a weird order. Then proceeds to tell her that she is an aunt that she didn’t know of and gives her a job opportunity to work at her bed and breakfast. This seems a little too good to be true.

Accepting the position Selena makes the move with a friend Jadis to Starfall Valley where they soon discover that they have left the normal life for the paranormal kind. And a mystery when a brownie housekeeper suddenly goes missing.

Struck with a vision after finding an unknown key on the first floor while on the search for the brownie Selena realizes that something may have happened to the brownie. Now on the hunt to find the brownie and save her Selena must use all her wits and the help of her aunt and friends to get to the bottom of things.