ADR Sunday- Mad Dog

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mad Dog had to be one of my top favorites for Chinese dramas

A private team of investigators led by former police investigator and Insurance Investigator Kang Woo. Work undercover to unearth those who try to swindle Insurance agencies out of money by faking injuries.

Kang Woo left the Insurance company he worked for after the death of his wife and son due to a plan crash. He felt there had never been a clear cut answer as to why his wife and child died that day.

This team is made up of a rag tag group of people. Kang Woo, Oh Seo Ra, Park Soon Jung, and I think On Noo-ri. Each have their specialties to bring to the table as they fight against corrup officials and regular people who try to swindle money from insurance companies.

Each with their own skeletons from their past that they wish to forget.

Then along comes Kim Min – Jun, a swindler whose brother had died in the same plane crash as Kang Woo. He throws a wrench in the group by monitoring them and trying to get under their skin. It works.

As time goes the group realizes who Kim Min-jun is and slowly accept him into the group. Together they work to find out what had really happened to the flight where his brother had been accused of taking drugs that caused him to fall asleep and crash the plane.

It’s an intriguing series of twist and turns and eeee… moments.

Dead And Breakfast Review

This novel was excellent. A great cozy mystery.

Selena feels lost after being disowned by her parents and failing at nursing school. When a mysterious, and half-baked woman appears at the coffee shop she is working at with a weird order. Then proceeds to tell her that she is an aunt that she didn’t know of and gives her a job opportunity to work at her bed and breakfast. This seems a little too good to be true.

Accepting the position Selena makes the move with a friend Jadis to Starfall Valley where they soon discover that they have left the normal life for the paranormal kind. And a mystery when a brownie housekeeper suddenly goes missing.

Struck with a vision after finding an unknown key on the first floor while on the search for the brownie Selena realizes that something may have happened to the brownie. Now on the hunt to find the brownie and save her Selena must use all her wits and the help of her aunt and friends to get to the bottom of things.

Coming Soon….

Character Cards will be coming soon to the swag packs… I can’t wait to see what Melony has done for the character cards. I haven’t even seen a mock-up of them so I’m even going to get a surprise. Apollo, Aries & Kyros are all being done. Using DAZ program. I’m so excited to see what she had done with it.