Musical March Day 26

A song sang by you current musical crush

Peaches by Kai

Kai from EXO finally has his own albums out. I wish I still had google music but noooo damn youtube had to take that away.

I get to see my honey bunny dance and sing on his own. He SMILES. Also he is handsome in that princely outfit

Musical March Day 25

A song that makes you groove

EXO – Ko Ko Bop

This is such a catchy tune. I absolutely love it

Musical March Day 24

A Song that makes you think of Halloween

Hecate -Cave Mouth ?

This song was kind of creepy when I heard it.

Musical March Day 20

A song to play on a first date

I’m Gonna Get Ya Good By Shania Twain

This is a great song for a first date. For both guys and girls

Musical March Day 18

Your favorite cover song!

Tiffany did a great cover of Paul McCartney’s I Think We’re Alone Now.