Fact About Me Monday

I am a video gamer on top of everything else. Today I will talk about my favorite games.

For PC:

Star Stables – I am a HUGE horse fan. I love horses and always wished I had been able to own one. Unfortunately I didn’t grow up on a large farm and later on developed hay fever which can be very irritating. So Walking into a barn and working with horses I can’t do. This game allows me to have my dream of owning horses and riding them without the added fees.

The Sims – I love playing the Sim’s because you can design your own house and make the character do things you want. It’s awesome.

For Xbox:

Skyrim – I love skyrim. The ability to explore, collect & sell items along with building your own home and gardening on top of killing dragons (which I loathe) but as it’s part of the game I do it.

Minecraft – Minecraft is a basic building & digging game with some dangers to get items to craft. I like it becuase it’s idle and you can play in various modes.

Terraria – Crafting and digging is my favorite part of this game. I am really fond of finding gems.

Audio Books Coming in 2022

I have two books that will be coming out in audiobook in the year 2022.

Love On A Contract & Phoenix’s Assassin. Anyone who loves audiobook format can purchase them when they come out.

The earliest for Love on A Contract is Jan. 15, 2022. Phoneix’s Assassin will be announced later in the week. I am looking forward to working with the producers. 😀

If you know anyone who might be interested in the audiobook format of these two books please share the news with ANYONE at all. Also if sign up for my newsletter on the website. I have changed emails please be sure to sign up and get your emails with everything that’s new.