Musical March Day 26

A song sang by you current musical crush

Peaches by Kai

Kai from EXO finally has his own albums out. I wish I still had google music but noooo damn youtube had to take that away.

I get to see my honey bunny dance and sing on his own. He SMILES. Also he is handsome in that princely outfit

Musical March Day 4

A Song that has to be Played Loud?

Okay this is a tough one as I like many songs that I will blast loud in the car when driving! Today i am choosing Tiger Inside by SuperM

Fact about Me Monday

If you Sat on a plane next to your favorite celebrity what would you do?

Heh! Mmmm…

If it was Kai from EXO, I’d probably turn beet red. Leave my seat so I can go to the bathroom. Then proceed to totally freak out. Then return to my seat and try to have a short conversation with him.

Day 18 – Musical March

Challenge: A song that makes you Smile

EXO ‘s song Power (K-pop)

This song always makes me laugh because I always remember the MV for it. Where the boys are shooting at some robotic alien and Xiumin puts to power cords together and gets electrocuted and sent up into the sky and lands and Chen is like ‘oh well’ and makes off with the cords. Sehun uses a selfie stick to shoot and Suho looks for his glasses then faints.

This song makes me laugh all the time