ADR Sunday- Mad Dog

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mad Dog had to be one of my top favorites for Chinese dramas

A private team of investigators led by former police investigator and Insurance Investigator Kang Woo. Work undercover to unearth those who try to swindle Insurance agencies out of money by faking injuries.

Kang Woo left the Insurance company he worked for after the death of his wife and son due to a plan crash. He felt there had never been a clear cut answer as to why his wife and child died that day.

This team is made up of a rag tag group of people. Kang Woo, Oh Seo Ra, Park Soon Jung, and I think On Noo-ri. Each have their specialties to bring to the table as they fight against corrup officials and regular people who try to swindle money from insurance companies.

Each with their own skeletons from their past that they wish to forget.

Then along comes Kim Min – Jun, a swindler whose brother had died in the same plane crash as Kang Woo. He throws a wrench in the group by monitoring them and trying to get under their skin. It works.

As time goes the group realizes who Kim Min-jun is and slowly accept him into the group. Together they work to find out what had really happened to the flight where his brother had been accused of taking drugs that caused him to fall asleep and crash the plane.

It’s an intriguing series of twist and turns and eeee… moments.

Re watching Fav. C-drama

This drama is called Go Go Squid in English… it is one of my favorite Chinese dramas. I had finally been able to buy it on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want.

Li Xian plays a broody boss of a Chinese esports club K&K which he owns and runs. The club started in Norway after he parted from Team Solo. Team Solo parted due to an internal dispute between Gun (Han Shangyan-Li Xian) and Solo.

After losing a CTF competition Han Shangyan goes to an internet cafe where he signs in for an overnight stay.

Tong Nian is a cheeky young protege in the computer science department at a university she helps her cousin run the internet cafe where she meets Han Shangyan and falls instantly in love. She covertly finds him through a computer game and then discovers that the handle is not him but someone from his team.

She tells him that she had come to find him and she wants to date him. He turns her down at first but then slowly learns to adore her as time progresses.

It is an adorable first-love romance.