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🖤💛 The latest book by Cameron Hart is now live! 🖤💛 Get your copy of Savage Ride here:
The thick, curvy redhead with bright blue eyes is going to be trouble, I can already tell. She’s too sweet, too pure, and a reporter to boot. Paige is angling for a story about the dirty cops here in Valor, Wyoming, but she has no idea how far down that rabbit hole goes. My brothers at Men of Valor MC and I have dedicated our lives to protecting our town and rooting out corruption in the police department and beyond. When I see Ms. Paige Perkins putting herself in danger by trying to hide at one of our stakeouts, I snap. It’s time the curvy little goddess learns exactly where she belongs–beneath me, on top of me, beside me for the rest of our lives.
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Review for Trouble With Luck


So I joined up to be part of the street team for this series… I am so glad I did.

I didn’t really read the excerpt right away, my main draw was the fact it is Saint Patrick’s Day theme. St. Patrick’s Day is like my second favorite time of year next to Halloween. I am always eager to celebrate it whenever I can.

When I did read the excerpt it hooked me in instantly. Four girls who go on a trip for their school holidays and meet men of questionable characters. 🙂 Sounded wonderful.

I read this in one go, no stopping between.

So highlights:

This book is the funniest most endearing book ever. Four friends closer than any family could be together is exactly the kind of life most of us live in.

A look into Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Is dying the river green not healthy for wild life though? Oh well… it’s pretty fricken cool though right? Pub hopping to with St. Patrick’s Day themed drinks and enjoying the sights. Sounds like my kind of shenanigans.

Dangerous men who give you the heeeby jeebies but at the same time drool like you are about to eat the most delectable candy… HELL YA!!

Harper is adorably funny, she is possibly my favorite character out of the four women because she has an adorable internal monologue.

Skyler artist, and completely outgoing. Loves to pull pranks.

Lennon, the mother figure and level headed friend. Sounds a lot like me if I were to go out with my friends except the itinerary part. I relate to her on many levels.

Bristol is tough as nails and puts up with no shit, that girl is my heart and soul.

Now the men are interesting. I’m debating between all being in one family or being from different families.

I really can’t wait to find out what happens next

Resurrection By Tanith Frost Review


I did enjoy this book and will probably purchase the second one sometime soon.

Tanith’s version of vampires is quite interesting. I never thought of a vampire having a venom in their fangs that flows through their victim’s blood.

I easily can relate to Aviva’s struggle between staying on the bright and hopeful. The struggle to accept the new life she had been given.

Daniel’s personal story would be interesting to read, how he came to be a vampire and his own struggles. It sounds like has his own demons matched with Aviva’s.

The reason for a 3 star rating is in my problem with the fact that they are half-dead and no heartbeat. I think this kind of throws a kink in the overall psychology.

I’m guessing Tanith’s view is about energy alone is what sustains vampires rather than the actual blood. However, I’m stuck on how they have emotions at all or can feel pain.

The overall description of her version of vampires is that they are zombies. It isn’t terrible but makes little sense in my opinion


Cover Reveals

I have two cover reveals happening this year. The first one will be up on March 1, 2021, the second on April 3, 2021

Book Releases:

So the book release dates have been moved up to possibly June/July. My goal had been for March but the mojo for writing was lost for a while.

A Bit about where my Inspiration Comes from

As a reader myself it’s always interesting where or how a writer comes up with the places they write about. Sometimes based on a real place and sometimes worked out in the imagination.

My inspirations usually can come at any time. Sometimes its at work, or when I’m taking my gorgeous doggy for a walk. (Yes I said Doggy) Or sometimes it’s imaginary until I find an image that looks exactly what I like.

The image below is a picture of Tofino Bay, British Columbia. I saw it one day and it reminded me of Black Moor Bay, B.C.. This little bay is a perfect picture of what Black Moor Bay looks like.

Black Moor Bay is going to be in Sapphire’s Book. It is where she makes her home and sells her jewelry.