Musical March Day 20

A song to play on a first date

I’m Gonna Get Ya Good By Shania Twain

This is a great song for a first date. For both guys and girls

Musical March Day 18

Your favorite cover song!

Tiffany did a great cover of Paul McCartney’s I Think We’re Alone Now.

Musical March Day 16

A song you find funny!

I really find this I’m too Sexy Elmer Fudd Editions hilarious

Musical March Day 14

A girl band that you like

Normally girl singers that i like are so few and far between let alone girl bands. So we are diving back into K pop and introducing Black Pink

Witch’s Cove Online Series

I am four chapters in on my Wattpad-only series Witch’s Cove first book. I am hoping to have enough chapters pre-written before the official launch of the book on Mar. 29th, 2023.

*Warning: Witch’s Cove is going to be unedited*

I will link the series to the picture on the 30th. Pre-orders for Poisonous are still on so don’t forget to order it.

I have to pay for the editing yet.