How do I get a signed copy of your book?

You can purchase a signed copy of any of my books through Lavendar’s Booktique. It’s an Etsy shop. If you don’t want to sign up for etsy then please contact me via the contact page.

What is the price for signed Paperbacks!

A signed Paperback is $45 CAD.

This price pays for the ordering of the books, then the postage to send it to you! (Canadian Prices are much higher)

Is there a list of all your books?

In Lavendar’s Booktique

What is Lavendar’s Booktique?

Lavendar’s Booktique is where you can purchase Items related to books.


Book Covers

Signed Books




Where are your books Beings sold?


Is there a timeline for your Ebrilyn Assassin Series?

I currently have a timeline image started for personal use. I will try to figure out how to create one for readers in case things get complicated.