Wattpad Updates

So I now have a page with photos and links to my wattpad stories. The page is under Books you just click on the image and it will take you to the story. I currently have two books linked.

Both stories are furry related. I am currently working on the stories. I had kind of fortgotten about having a wattpad account.

Secrets and Tea will be out in 6 more days I will have the link set up on the 30th of March.

Busy Bee (Updates)

Book Updates

I have been slowly editing Poisonous. Still debating on things but it should be out on time.

You may have noticed that the date for its release has been extended to August. This just gives me more time to go through it before sending it to the editor and this way if I need to add things then I’m not going back and forth with my editor.

I have the name and covers done for book 2 in the Poison Master Trilogy. It will be titled Scents of Danger. This is Landon’s book.

I may work on Dead Man’s Valley again we’ll see how it feels when I go back to it again. I may end up just scraping it and starting again or I may make it into a short story for an anthology. If I find one to put it in.

I will need to figure out how to enter the timeline for the books into the Ebrilyn assassin handbook. This will help keep track of the timeline in Ebrilyn as I write and will help readers just in case I do some jumping back and forth.

I do have another few books on the go. I started on Books 4-7 for the Ebrilyn Assassin series. It’ll depend on which ones I finish first to know their order. Keep checking back on the upcoming release page to find out names and dates.

Musical March Update

I think this year will be last Musical March 30 Day challenge. I might do something different. I’ll change the title for the category 30 Day Challenge in april. This will just allow for me to do fun challenges at random times of the year.

There will be no Anime April this year. I’ve only watched so much anime.

Poisonous update

Alright Beginning of February and I believe I am done with Poisonous. The next few months will be going over it and editing what I can.

Also I have posted a start of Ebrilyn’s timeline to my FB page. It will be updated as I go along.

The time line will include the mini stories being added to my newsletter. Which I am thinking I may make into a book later or just part of the Ebrilyn Assassin Handbook.

New Blog Category/ Posts

Hey Everyone. A New Weekly Post is now coming to my blog.

Since You all know I love watching Asian dramas I decided to put my love of them into doing star rating and about the shows I have already watched.

Every Sunday is now going to have a rating and info about the Asian drama.

Another WIP

So previously I have a book cover on standby with Paradise Cover Design. I’m working on the story to go with said cover temporarily. Along with Poisonous.

I might release this book as book 3 in my Ebrilyn Assassin Series instead of Dead Man’s Valley. Below is a sneak peek of Chapter one. If you are interested don’t forget to join my ARC Team to get first dibs at reading it.

New Newsletter

I am going to be redoing my newletter as a .pdf file. This allows me to personalize and add as much as i need to or as little. I also won’t have to worry about forgetting login info and passwords or two step verification.

The first distribution of the newsletter will be next year in Janurary.

Just go to my homepage to sign up