Cover Reveals

I have two cover reveals happening this year. The first one will be up on March 1, 2021, the second on April 3, 2021

Book Releases:

So the book release dates have been moved up to possibly June/July. My goal had been for March but the mojo for writing was lost for a while.

A Bit about where my Inspiration Comes from

As a reader myself it’s always interesting where or how a writer comes up with the places they write about. Sometimes based on a real place and sometimes worked out in the imagination.

My inspirations usually can come at any time. Sometimes its at work, or when I’m taking my gorgeous doggy for a walk. (Yes I said Doggy) Or sometimes it’s imaginary until I find an image that looks exactly what I like.

The image below is a picture of Tofino Bay, British Columbia. I saw it one day and it reminded me of Black Moor Bay, B.C.. This little bay is a perfect picture of what Black Moor Bay looks like.

Black Moor Bay is going to be in Sapphire’s Book. It is where she makes her home and sells her jewelry.