Book Review – Mystic Inn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I gave this 3 book Box set a 5 star rating.

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery box set of Stephanie Damore’s. The FMC was excellent and endearing. She wrote a character with faults but the strength to put to right her wrongs.

I found the stories touching, and exhilarating to read. I always love mysteries.

Basically Angelica is conned by her aunt to return to Silverlake. A small town where witches and other supernaturals live. Humans actually glow and this alerts them to the fact that a human is in the area and not to do magic.

Angelica finds that she has to come to terms with her feelings and the town as she struggles to relearn things she had long wished to forget while simultaneously trying to help family and friends stay out of jail.

Musical March Day 15

A song that reminds you of Work?

What person doesn’t work hard for their money

Witch’s Cove Online Series

I am four chapters in on my Wattpad-only series Witch’s Cove first book. I am hoping to have enough chapters pre-written before the official launch of the book on Mar. 29th, 2023.

*Warning: Witch’s Cove is going to be unedited*

I will link the series to the picture on the 30th. Pre-orders for Poisonous are still on so don’t forget to order it.

I have to pay for the editing yet.

Witch’s Cove Series – Wattpad

Wattpad Exclusive Series

First chapter launch on Mar.29, 2023

I decided to make my Witch’s Cove Series a Wattpad-only series. So if you have Wattpad or would like to read the story you can easily download the app onto your phone.

If you haven’t used a pay-by-chapter site before it’s simple. You can buy coins or a premium membership and read all the books you want. If they are completed books then you can download the full book or just the chapters as they appear.

The first book in the series is Secrets & Tea.

Below is a caption and cover for it.

Witch’s Cove is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Witches from all walks of life live there.
Damien Montgomery has come to Witch’s Cove to fulfill a promise to his friend and military colleague. Returning Thomas’s ashes to the island and into the woman he loved hands.
Damien returns the ashes but finds a sense of peace on the island that he can’t seem to find anywhere else. Deciding to make a living on the island he buys a rundown house to remodel and build.
Rionna Woods lives and works in Witch’s Cove. She is a hearth witch and uses her magical capabilities to brew specialty tea for everyone who comes to Witch’s Cove.
Meeting Damien brings heartbreak to Rionna. Her former boyfriend is dead and his ashes are being returned to her by a man who was in the same unit as he was. Yet, she senses that the man is not settled in his life outside of the military.
Can the two find a solution to their emotional traumas? Or is their emotional issues going to rot them inside and out?

Return Of Musical March

Musical March is returning this year…. I love music and have eclectic taste. It is a 30 day challenge that I love to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy it.

Off to the Editor

Poisonous is now off to the editor. I won’t be expecting an immediate edit since she has three months to complete it. Release day will stay the same. So mark your calendars for Aug. 28, 2023.

Back Cover:

Venom is one of Ebrilyn’s Poison Masters. She raises snakes and harvests for their venom to be used for poisons. Her methods are slow and painful. She along with her brothers are on the hunt for those who had subjected them to the slow torture of various toxins and poisons. 

Quinn is a cop that is killed while investigating the murder of one of Venom’s victims. His soul ends up in Ebrilyn along with a poisonous miasma that kills anything that comes close to him. He must learn to control the miasma that is emitted through his body. 
He wants nothing more than to find the person who killed him and exact his revenge. 

Can the two work together to find the men and woman responsible for their deaths? Or will they continually be at odds until the end of time?