Musical March Day 31

A song from the 70’s

I have to agree with my mother the 60’s and 70’s were a great era of music. There were so many great songs that were sang in this time.

Below is the song Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

Musical March Day 30

A song in a different language!

So aside from korean I also have a few songs I have really enjoyed from china or Taiwan.

Below is a song from one of my favorite s Taiwan shows called Behind Your Smile. The beginning of the show is when this song plays and it’s so beautiful. It’s almost haunting in a way.

Musical March Day 29

A new Song you’ve heard

Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez

I heard this song on Tik Tok. I kind of liked the video more than the song but this song was catchy

Musical March Day 28

A Song from a local artist!

The Band Wrecking So is from Manitoba. They are a country rocky blues band. I found them from working for Lucky 13 Radio and they are awesome.

Musical March Day 26

A song sang by you current musical crush

Peaches by Kai

Kai from EXO finally has his own albums out. I wish I still had google music but noooo damn youtube had to take that away.

I get to see my honey bunny dance and sing on his own. He SMILES. Also he is handsome in that princely outfit

Musical March Day 24

A Song that makes you think of Halloween

Hecate -Cave Mouth ?

This song was kind of creepy when I heard it.