Fact About Me Monday

Have I ever cried while watching a TV Show or Movie?


Spirit Stallion of Chimera, Doom at Your Service

Fact About Me Monday

What Band Merch Do you Own?

I have the T-shirts from Prairie Whiskey & Celtic Thunder

I have a program from Celtic Thunder

I have A poster of Kai from EXO, A Hat from EXO and I did have a keychain too from EXO but it broke.

Fact About Me Monday

How Many Concerts have you attended? Which was your least Favorite? Your Favorite?

I have attended 8 concerts. My Favorite so far has been Celtic Thunder. The others were about the same in enjoyment scale.

Facct about Me Monday

If you could travel with any band who would it be?

Inkkubus Sukkubus.

I really love their music and if I could afford to travel overseas to meet them I would be ecstatic. Yesh…

Fact about Me Monday

If you Sat on a plane next to your favorite celebrity what would you do?

Heh! Mmmm…

If it was Kai from EXO, I’d probably turn beet red. Leave my seat so I can go to the bathroom. Then proceed to totally freak out. Then return to my seat and try to have a short conversation with him.

Fact About Me Monday

I am a video gamer on top of everything else. Today I will talk about my favorite games.

For PC:

Star Stables – I am a HUGE horse fan. I love horses and always wished I had been able to own one. Unfortunately I didn’t grow up on a large farm and later on developed hay fever which can be very irritating. So Walking into a barn and working with horses I can’t do. This game allows me to have my dream of owning horses and riding them without the added fees.

The Sims – I love playing the Sim’s because you can design your own house and make the character do things you want. It’s awesome.

For Xbox:

Skyrim – I love skyrim. The ability to explore, collect & sell items along with building your own home and gardening on top of killing dragons (which I loathe) but as it’s part of the game I do it.

Minecraft – Minecraft is a basic building & digging game with some dangers to get items to craft. I like it becuase it’s idle and you can play in various modes.

Terraria – Crafting and digging is my favorite part of this game. I am really fond of finding gems.

Fact About Me Monday – What would I do if I won the Lottery…

A popular question asked by millions of people… a great talking topic.

I have always said that if I won the lottery the first thing I would do is pay off all debts I and my parents have. Travel the world, give each of my 2 sisters a million each, and the same with my nieces.

Invest whatever I don’t spend and leave in my will. I probably would also donate to the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity. A good charity.

Fact About Me – Celebrity Crush

Actor: Johnathan Brandis.

Sadly Johnathan Brandis died of ODing at a young age. He starred in the Movie Sidekicks with Chuck Norris, and was a young tech nerd in Seaquest DSV a tv-show in the early 1990’s I think.

BSB Member: Nick Carter

OK yep. I am a Backstreet boy fan. Nick Carter was my childhood celebrity crush when I was about 12 or so. He was so cute back in the day. Still not bad looking but not as cute as in his younger days.