ADS – Prince of Tennis

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lu Xia is a tennis protege of his father. He was raised by his father who is a famous tennis player. The two constantly compete and it frustrates Lu Xia that he can never beat his father.

Returning to China Lu Xia joins a tennis team and learns about team work. He stuns his fellow players with his ability to learn their special moves just after a few days of competing with them.

This ability isn’t obtained easily but with hard work and practice. Lu Xia learns about working as a team and gains friends in his fellow team mates. During a high end competition he learns that he must not just use other’s specialty’s as his own but improve his own technique.

It is a heartfelt, warm show that shows that being alone isn’t always the best option.

ADS – Ni Chang

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Ni Chang


Ni Chang a.k.a Xie Xiao Ni is a silk merchants daughter. One day her family ends up being brought to ruin by a rival clan and are banished from the city. On their way out the rival clan kills her parents and sibling.

She manages to escape and goes to learn about embroidery at a small shop/school. An incident at the school has her returning to her former city where she had been banished from to start her own store.

She gets help from a young man by the name of Ouyang Zi Yu and works hard to make her shop work.

Love blooms as the Ouyang and Ni Chang work together to build her dream.

ADS – Eight Hours

Rating: 4 out of 5.

CEO Yi Tian is comatose after an accident while testing out a new product about to go on the market.

Yi Tian had discovered prior that there was an error to his new Alternate Reality game Pangu that could harm those who played the game. He tries to test the system and ends up becoming a victim of his own AR world.

Bei Wei is a e-sports gamer who had won Yi Tian’s respect over the years. She has a secret crush on the E-sports Champion. When she discovers that something had happeend to him she doesn’t believe the stories being told.

She enteres Pangu and discovers that Yi Tian. She then proceeds to learn that Yi Tian cannot log out of the game due to an error in the system. He is doing all he can to survive because he could die in real life if his life is taken in the game.

Bei Wei aims to help him get back to the real world by doing what she can both in game and out of game. The two go through various missions and soon find a way for Yi Tian to inhabit Bei Wei’s body so that he can help try getting her into the core chamber where the coding takes place.

The path and journey leads them to discover that they are in love with each other.

ASD – The Winter The Wind Blows

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a touching Korean Melodrama.

Oh Young is a blind heiress who is looking for her estranged younger brother. She ends up bumping into Oh Soo, a high stakes gambler.

Oh Soo decides to try and con Oh Young by making her think that he is her younger brother after witnessing her real younger brother’s death. As he gets to know Oh Young he starts to feel for the young heiress.

She is living basically alone with only a lawyer who helps her and an elderly maid who wants the inheritance that was left to Oh Young.

Oh Soo starts to look into the deaths of Oh Young parents and brother to find that it isn’t as simple as he thought. One night he see’s OhYoung disappear into a greenhouse and discovers a secret room where she listens to old film her father had left her.

He is almost caught but then he realizes that he has feelings for Oh Young and saves her from herself.

Really worth watching. I was nearly in tears throughout the whole tv series.

ADS – Wolf Princess

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chinese Drama

Wolf Princess is a comedy drama.

Ling Long is a young woman accused of being a thief. She works to prove that she was not the one who stole the valuable item from the Yan manor.

Yan Qing is an aristrocrat who thinks he is smart and part of a wolf clan. They get married and he discovers that Ling Long is quite unusual.

Ling Long suffers from dual personality that is due to a wolf spirit residing in her body. She works to try to prove that she is innocent while falling in love with her dense husband Yan Qing.

ADR Sunday- Mad Dog

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mad Dog had to be one of my top favorites for Chinese dramas

A private team of investigators led by former police investigator and Insurance Investigator Kang Woo. Work undercover to unearth those who try to swindle Insurance agencies out of money by faking injuries.

Kang Woo left the Insurance company he worked for after the death of his wife and son due to a plan crash. He felt there had never been a clear cut answer as to why his wife and child died that day.

This team is made up of a rag tag group of people. Kang Woo, Oh Seo Ra, Park Soon Jung, and I think On Noo-ri. Each have their specialties to bring to the table as they fight against corrup officials and regular people who try to swindle money from insurance companies.

Each with their own skeletons from their past that they wish to forget.

Then along comes Kim Min – Jun, a swindler whose brother had died in the same plane crash as Kang Woo. He throws a wrench in the group by monitoring them and trying to get under their skin. It works.

As time goes the group realizes who Kim Min-jun is and slowly accept him into the group. Together they work to find out what had really happened to the flight where his brother had been accused of taking drugs that caused him to fall asleep and crash the plane.

It’s an intriguing series of twist and turns and eeee… moments.

ADR – Her Private Life

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sun Duk Mi is a talented gallery curator with a secret life as a sassang (may of spelled this wrong), an idol fan.

She is an older woman with a secret love for an idol. Her family doesn’t understand her passion for the idol or why she feels the need to be so idol obsessed.

Her new gallery boss Ryan comes into the picture and finds her intriguing. As he gets to know her he stumbles across her obsession. Despite being in a room filled with cutout and POP’s of her favorite idol Ryan hardly cares about it.

The two mak a great romantic comedy and it’s

ADR Sunday – Sweet Combat

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Luhan *former EXO member* is adorable in this drama.

Lu Han plays Ming Tian, a young teenager who is tasked with raising his brother and sister after their parents death. He gets accepted into an elite sports school where he learns about various sports.

He meets Fang Yu, a rude and snobbish female boxer. Fang Yu is also a conglomerate’s daughter.

Unfortnately for Ming Tian he is not much of a sports nut so he is placed under Fang Yu’s guidance to learn boxing.

Along with two other women, Ming Tian learns about fighting and the feelings towards Fang Yu become stronger.

The two are from two different worlds and need to work together to get Fang Yu’s father’s respect and approval.

Asian Drama Sunday (High Society)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jang Yoon Ha is a chaebol (elite society) heiress who hides her identity as a socialite and works at a food store.

She wants to find her own man to love. A Man who isn’t going to marry her just because she is a rich heiress but because she is herself.

Enter Park Hyun Sik as her boss who was supposed to be her blind date at one point but instead falls for her co-worker and best friend.

Meanwhile, Jang Yoon Ha falls for Park Hyn Sik’s friend and subordinate. They start a rocky relationship and fight for their rights to marry who they choose.

I absolutely adored this show. You often wonder how often socialites feel like Jang Yoon Ha and want to find men who love them not because of money but because they actually truly love them.

Park Hyn Sik nearly had me in tears when he sat crying for days because his mother refused to let him see his love interest. The ending was quite hilarious though. I truly believe that tis show deserves the 5 star rating.

Asian Drama Sunday – You’re Beautiful

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The title of this Drama is You’re Beautiful or Fabulous Boys.

A.N.JELL’S lead singer Tai Jing’s voice needs a rest. New Vocalist Mei Nan ends up going to the states to fix a botched eye job.

Mei Nan’s agent decides to ask Gao Mei Nu, who is Mei Nan’s twin sister and a nun in training, to pose as her brother until he returns from his eye surgery.

She struggles to maintain a platonic brotherly relationship with the other members of the group, while maintaining her brother’s image.

Eventually though the lead singer starts to suspect something is up and each of the members starts to fall for the quirky temperamental female.

This drama is mostly a comedy. It mostly is dry comedy. I loved it to a point. I adore these shows where the girls dress up to be a man or boy just to be accepted only to in the end be discovered and the boys all have different reactions when they discover that the FMC is actually a girl.