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Coming Aug. 1st

Book 2 in the Witch’s Cove Series will be coming out Aug. 1st, 2023.


Abigail Thatcher has always been able to speak to ghosts. She is Witch’s Cove’s resident “Spirit Talker”. She helps spirits move on and provides them with company and comfort when needed. Her gifts were always fun and no one has ever questioned her abilities.

Derek Hope has come to Witch’s Cove from the mainland to find his birth mother and have questions answered. He is a skeptic of anything paranormal but as soon as he steps foot onto the Witch’s Island he feels like something is there but doesn’t know what.

One night he stumbles upon Abigail dancing in the graveyard and questions the whole community’s sanity. That is until he encounters something horrifying.
Suddenly finding his mother has become even more important.

Can Abigail help Derek locate his mother on Witch’s Island? Or will he be the communities destroyer?

ADS – Romance of A Twin Flower

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A perfectly good tale of mistaken identity.

Ji Man wakes up in a strnage room after falling into water. She is mistaken for another woman Nie Sangyu. The wife of an official.

Horrified by the tales that she hears about Nie Sangyu’s viciousness she works to correct ‘her’ mistakes and make things right. Meanwhile she tries to escape the mansion. She is thwarted each time by the man she is supposedly married to.

They travel to Haifang where they get closer and learn more. Xie Xuanyan (spelled wrong I think) is her husband and a quirky, no messing about man. He suspects that there is something different about Nie Sangyu but isn’t quite sure what it is.

He finally realizes that she is not Nie Sangyu but Ji Man. He has already developed feelings for the gentle Ji Man and wishes to make her is wife.

This actually was an endearing show and I loved it. I was in tears for the ending.

Review – The Apothecary’s Apprentice

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 Star Rating

YA Fantasy by W.A. Ashes

Finally, I got around to reading one of my author buddies books. I won this baby during a release party and I had started to read it after getting it but then put it down and didn’t pick it up again. So a few days ago I finally picked it up again and started only to put it down again. Last night I finally read the whole thing.

Marvelous book by W.A. Ashes. It has been a while since I have read YA fantasy and I mean a long while.

Great storyline. Great character building and history. This series is good as a stand-alone series. Basically, you can pick it up anywhere without losing focus or what is happening. Even though I do request you read from book one.

The basic rundown of the book is that Juliana has joined the members of the resistance against the false king who has made it his mission to destroy magic users from the realm. Her backstory is that when she was young the Obsidian Knights had destroyed her town and she was then taken by a slave traders called the Dires.

With some help from members of the resistance she managed to escape captivity and now is part of the resistance.

This has a wonderful feeling of fantasy without being too contrary or cliche. You have a great character story and tales of adventure with a hint of romance without being sticky or overcompensation.

It is a short novella series so great for young men and women, and those who have short attention spans when reading.

W.A. Ashes has done a superb job on this book. 4.5 Stars was the rating.

Tentative Pricing!!

Blade Family Box Set Pricing!

So as everyone knows I have been wanting to start selling the Blade Family Quadrilogy as a full box set. I am running numbers on items that will be placed in the box set and stuff so that I have a clear idea of how to make my order form. It will be available when I have a rough idea of how many items I will need to stock up on.

Due to the uncertainty of some items I will be only getting them on demand. Which means a longer wait period for the box set.

T-shirts & Caps will be on demand. This means I will only order them when requested as sizes for t-shirts will vary so will pricing.

I am waiting a bit yet before I order Sapphire’s Character Card. I will be offering two packages for the Blade Family Box Set.

The Basic Package will be priced at 95.00

This box set will give you

  • All for Books
  • Mug
  • Rose Pin
  • All 4 Character Cards
  • 1 Random Bookmark
  • 1 Post Card

The second option will be a customized box set.

You will get all 4 books and you can select what you want in the box. I will send an invoice and order the items needed.

What do you all think?