ADS – Romance of A Twin Flower

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A perfectly good tale of mistaken identity.

Ji Man wakes up in a strnage room after falling into water. She is mistaken for another woman Nie Sangyu. The wife of an official.

Horrified by the tales that she hears about Nie Sangyu’s viciousness she works to correct ‘her’ mistakes and make things right. Meanwhile she tries to escape the mansion. She is thwarted each time by the man she is supposedly married to.

They travel to Haifang where they get closer and learn more. Xie Xuanyan (spelled wrong I think) is her husband and a quirky, no messing about man. He suspects that there is something different about Nie Sangyu but isn’t quite sure what it is.

He finally realizes that she is not Nie Sangyu but Ji Man. He has already developed feelings for the gentle Ji Man and wishes to make her is wife.

This actually was an endearing show and I loved it. I was in tears for the ending.


Published by

Author Lavendar Woods

Indie Canadian Author from Manitoba. I love music, writing, reading, and spending time with my dog Lily.

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