Tentative Pricing!!

Blade Family Box Set Pricing!

So as everyone knows I have been wanting to start selling the Blade Family Quadrilogy as a full box set. I am running numbers on items that will be placed in the box set and stuff so that I have a clear idea of how to make my order form. It will be available when I have a rough idea of how many items I will need to stock up on.

Due to the uncertainty of some items I will be only getting them on demand. Which means a longer wait period for the box set.

T-shirts & Caps will be on demand. This means I will only order them when requested as sizes for t-shirts will vary so will pricing.

I am waiting a bit yet before I order Sapphire’s Character Card. I will be offering two packages for the Blade Family Box Set.

The Basic Package will be priced at 95.00

This box set will give you

  • All for Books
  • Mug
  • Rose Pin
  • All 4 Character Cards
  • 1 Random Bookmark
  • 1 Post Card

The second option will be a customized box set.

You will get all 4 books and you can select what you want in the box. I will send an invoice and order the items needed.

What do you all think?


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Author Lavendar Woods

Indie Canadian Author from Manitoba. I love music, writing, reading, and spending time with my dog Lily.

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