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Wattpad Exclusive Series

First chapter launch on Mar.29, 2023

I decided to make my Witch’s Cove Series a Wattpad-only series. So if you have Wattpad or would like to read the story you can easily download the app onto your phone.

If you haven’t used a pay-by-chapter site before it’s simple. You can buy coins or a premium membership and read all the books you want. If they are completed books then you can download the full book or just the chapters as they appear.

The first book in the series is Secrets & Tea.

Below is a caption and cover for it.

Witch’s Cove is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Witches from all walks of life live there.
Damien Montgomery has come to Witch’s Cove to fulfill a promise to his friend and military colleague. Returning Thomas’s ashes to the island and into the woman he loved hands.
Damien returns the ashes but finds a sense of peace on the island that he can’t seem to find anywhere else. Deciding to make a living on the island he buys a rundown house to remodel and build.
Rionna Woods lives and works in Witch’s Cove. She is a hearth witch and uses her magical capabilities to brew specialty tea for everyone who comes to Witch’s Cove.
Meeting Damien brings heartbreak to Rionna. Her former boyfriend is dead and his ashes are being returned to her by a man who was in the same unit as he was. Yet, she senses that the man is not settled in his life outside of the military.
Can the two find a solution to their emotional traumas? Or is their emotional issues going to rot them inside and out?

Published by

Author Lavendar Woods

Indie Canadian Author from Manitoba. I love music, writing, reading, and spending time with my dog Lily.

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