Updates on news and books

I’ve been a busy beaver yesterday. I should be writing but I decided to rework my book cover for Poisonous. I didn’t like my original one at all but I just used it to set things up on KDP.

Below is the new cover.

The Pre-order has been extended until Aug. 28, 2023. I haven’t been in the writing mood so I want to give myself lots of time to write the book and go over it before giving my editor a headache.

I will also be attending the Knsmen Business Expo in Dauphin, MB Canada on April 22, 2023, & April 23, 2023.

Watermarked version

Back Cover

Venom Fraser is one of three Poison Masters that live in Ebrilyn. Her passion is raising and milking snakes to help create unique poisons that are particular to Ebrilyn alone. Along with her siblings, they hunt down those who had harmed them when they were alive.

Quinn is a cop killed in the line of duty while investigating one of Venom’s victims’ death. His soul is reborn in Ebrilyn with a poisonous miasma. He must learn to control the miasma.

Quinn wants nothing more than to hunt down the person who had killed him.

            Venom wants nothing more than to get revenge on those who made her suffer.

            They are tied to each other in death, but can they work together to solve Quinn’s murder and save more from becoming victims of illegal lab experiments?

Published by

Author Lavendar Woods

Indie Canadian Author from Manitoba. I love music, writing, reading, and spending time with my dog Lily.

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