Friendly reminder

Don’t forget that I will be celebrating the release of an author friend’s new book. Click on the picture below to go to the group and join for chances to win books and other stuff from other authors including myself.

It is OCT. 11

Kickstarter Campaign is Live

Dead Man’s Valley Kickstarter

I have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Dead Man’s Valley’s release for next year. The funds will cover the cost of my book cover and editing services. Leftover money may go towards getting hardback covers made, audiobooks, or other books.

Come show your support and get some cool rewards. 😀

Audio Books Coming in 2022

I have two books that will be coming out in audiobook in the year 2022.

Love On A Contract & Phoenix’s Assassin. Anyone who loves audiobook format can purchase them when they come out.

The earliest for Love on A Contract is Jan. 15, 2022. Phoneix’s Assassin will be announced later in the week. I am looking forward to working with the producers. 😀

If you know anyone who might be interested in the audiobook format of these two books please share the news with ANYONE at all. Also if sign up for my newsletter on the website. I have changed emails please be sure to sign up and get your emails with everything that’s new.

Release Party HELP!!

I am currently looking for authors who would be interested in signing up for a take over spot during my release party on OCT. 30 & 31st.

If you know of anyone or are interested yourself please go to my sign up form Release Party Author Takeover Form – Lavendar Woods Official Website.

As authors if you can share the news about the release party as well I would be grateful there as well.


Musical March Day 26

A song sang by you current musical crush

Peaches by Kai

Kai from EXO finally has his own albums out. I wish I still had google music but noooo damn youtube had to take that away.

I get to see my honey bunny dance and sing on his own. He SMILES. Also he is handsome in that princely outfit

Musical March Day 24

A Song that makes you think of Halloween

Hecate -Cave Mouth ?

This song was kind of creepy when I heard it.

Wattpad Updates

So I now have a page with photos and links to my wattpad stories. The page is under Books you just click on the image and it will take you to the story. I currently have two books linked.

Both stories are furry related. I am currently working on the stories. I had kind of fortgotten about having a wattpad account.

Secrets and Tea will be out in 6 more days I will have the link set up on the 30th of March.

Book Review – Mystic Inn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I gave this 3 book Box set a 5 star rating.

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery box set of Stephanie Damore’s. The FMC was excellent and endearing. She wrote a character with faults but the strength to put to right her wrongs.

I found the stories touching, and exhilarating to read. I always love mysteries.

Basically Angelica is conned by her aunt to return to Silverlake. A small town where witches and other supernaturals live. Humans actually glow and this alerts them to the fact that a human is in the area and not to do magic.

Angelica finds that she has to come to terms with her feelings and the town as she struggles to relearn things she had long wished to forget while simultaneously trying to help family and friends stay out of jail.